September 28, 2013


This weekend at the ALS walk, the DJ was warming up the crowd when a special performer was introduced--a gospel singer and her guitarist. The crowd gave them an ok welcome, but it didn't last long.

Most of us there would not usually have a problem with Christian music, but a when she sang about Jesus healing the sick and bringing the dead back to life, you could hear a pin drop. You just don't come to a fundraiser for an incurable terminal disease, where everyone there has either list a lived one to ALS or is inevitably going to in a terribly short time, and remind us about those promises. After a few years of shouting at God, most if us can reconcile our faith and this disease, but dammit, you just don't go singing those particular praises at a gathering of souls who have learned to go without hope.

The singer left the stage after one more song. Most of the crowd couldn't even offer polite applause, and were visibly shaken, myself among them.  Good thing we decided to keep Melissa home this year.