June 03, 2012

Epic Sleep-over

  Last weekend, Melissa was finally feeling up to going out, and so the Kerns went to see THE AVENGERS!   It was a mad-dash to get to the theater on time, but just before we left, Melissa suggested that we also invite Matthew's friend Seth from down the street.  I agreed and the guys were happy to be going to the movies.

  My 2nd time seeing the film, and it was still as funny and exciting as the Midnight Premiere. On the way to drop off Seth, Matthew started hinting that he wanted to do a sleep-over.  Seth is often gone during the summer, so I said it was fine, they just had to ask Seth's mom.  The two of them excitedly ran into Seth's house to seek her out, and she came to talk to us.

"Sure, Matthew can stay the night here, that would be just fine."
"Oh. I thought Matthew wanted Seth over at OUR house, but this is fine too.  We'll do that next time," I said.

  "Now they'll be sleeping out on the sun porch," she cautioned.
  No problem, it was carpeted and furnished. And that's where the kids' TV and video games were. JUST a coincidence, I am certain...

  "They'll probably stay up 'till midnight..." she continued.
  I grinned and gave a shrug. "It's bound to happen."
  "And we are going to the pool tomorrow after lunch, if that's all right with you," she added.
  That was wonderful. Matthew loves playing in the pool, but ironically, not swimming itself. We packed his bag with his meds, a swimsuit and towel, all the usual stuff, and I walked him down the street to see him off. He was vibrating with excitement, and I was all grins. He has his problems, but he is a good kid, and he deserves a day as awesome as this one.
Matthew probably thinks he got one over on me, but that will just make this a happier memory for him.

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