April 29, 2012

Late Night Thoughts

I know it's been said millions of different ways, and I'm not some sage or wise man. But sometimes things just CLICK and you gain a real understanding of what something means.

What we do when we fail is what makes us who we are. The actions we take when life does NOT go our way is what defines us.  Failure makes us more determined. Rejection makes us try harder. Disappointment tells us what we want bad enough to DO something about it. Obstacles in our path just make us find another way to go. It is the things that life keeps from us that shows us what is really important. 

What kind of pampered brats would we be if we never knew failure or rejection or loss? If there were no bad consequences for our actions? Would we ever know the incredible depth of love connection that we can have in our adult lives, if we had not given our hearts and had them broken dozens of times before?

As difficult as the life is for me now, I really can't imagine what it would be like if things had continued on normally and Melissa had never had ALS. I hate the situation, don't get me wrong, but I like the person that this hardship has brought out in me. It has shown me that I can rise to the challenge and be a better man.

Accidental Insomnia

We didn't mean to stay up so late tonight, but the battery went out on our desktop clock. I THOUGHT it felt a lot later than 10 PM, and sure enough, it was nearly midnight! Weird thing: Melissa has had this alarm clock for 23 years. She has changed the battery in it... TWICE. I took out the C-Size battery that finally gave up the ghost tonight, it has an EXPIRATION DATE of 2002... So it's been in there, working for more than an decade! How the heck?

April 18, 2012

Here's Looking at You...

Melissa and I have to do some major renovation to our NetFlix queue.  We've run out of stuff that we actively wanted to see, and now it's just movies we forgot why we put in there. There's a load of classics that I put in there from the AFI Top 100 Movies list, some lesser-known movies with Lord of the Rings actors, The first season of Star Blazers, and assorted others that we can't even remember. 

Yesterday we received "Key Largo" with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, (Yes, just like that cheesy song from the 80's about it...) along with "Ocean's 13". I was asking Melissa which one she wanted to watch and she suddenly got upset, so I started spelling it out for her.

"I... Have... A Confession." she telegraphed to me. My heart sank.
What's wrong? I asked her.
"I... really... hate... him."
Pause. Eyes wider. "Him meaning... Humphrey Bogart?"
She nodded apologetically.
I took a cleansing breath and tenderly touched her cheek with the back of my fingers.
"Melissa, I love you," I whispered. then my eyes narrowed.
"But I don't think this is going to work out." 
I drew back my hand.
"I'm afraid we have to break up," I choked out. "Irreconcilable differences."
Melissa's patented eye-roll.

Yes, CASABLANCA is one of my top 5 movies, but I think I can deal with this.

April 01, 2012

New Artist Crush

Don't you just LOVE discovering new things you like? I was randomly making my way through some Hand-Made site like Etsy and I just saw something really unique and cute.

Rabbits on Marshmallow Tree[6"x8] Acrylic on wood

I couldn't help but click on it. This was so cute and simple, and Melissa would just LOVE it with these bunnies on it. The artist's name is Kristiana Parn, and I found the artist's website and saw some more great art :
12. Rendezvous
I can't explain why, but these paintings just make me happy. I just love the colors and the cute simplistic animals. I bought her a mounted print of this one for her birthday: 6.  A Story About Little Rabbits
It's called "A Story about Little Rabbits" and it reminded me of WATERSHIP DOWN, and I knew it would remind Melissa of it too. She loved it! And now she's making a list of other prints from this artist that she wants. If you have a couple of minutes, go to Kristiana Parn's Etsy store and view the lot of them. There's some really great stuff in there.