February 28, 2012

Sugar Glider and the Falcon

Melissa had a pretty good day yesterday. I surprised her by arranging a visit from "Toothless" the Sugar Glider. Mel LOVES LOVES LOVES these guys, but we really can't have one. (Three cats, one Chihuahua and a snake in the house already, and the SG's are pretty demanding.) So my friend Claire brought over her friend and Toothless:

Melissa might look apprehensive, but that's just her trying to turn her head properly and look at it. She was so happy to see it. It was climbing all over everyone until we put it back in it's bag: Mel and Toothless

Yeah, Good day for Mel. She was squeeing on the inside.

Also: The Lego Millennium Falcon (Or as I call it, "The MILF" for short)

the MILF - External the MILF - Cockpit the MILF - Chewie the MILF - Rear vthe MILF - Open Top the MILF - Rec Room the MILF - Sleeping Quarters the MILF - Lightsaber Training

This was a fun project to do with Matthew!

February 24, 2012

"Three Dwellings" piece

While caring for Melissa and Matthew takes up a good deal of my time, I do get out of the house for Choir practice and to sing in the Sunday service at our church.  I challenged myself to write some short pieces of music to accompany the bible readings a few times a year. This was my second piece, which I wrote for last year's "Transfiguration Sunday" service. I really can't play the piano very well, but some good music notation software called Finale makes things a great deal easier for people like me with limited abilities, and our Choir Director, Carla, has been very helpful.  I've been singing for years, but my Music Theory is very limited, so "Caveat Auditor" ("let the listener beware!")

I was able to get a recording of us singing it this past Sunday, and I made it into a video so I could share with people. Sorry if the on-screen lyrics are cheesy looking, but the recording was sort of muddy.

I hope you like it, and wish me luck--I'm working on my third composition for Easter season this year.