November 29, 2011

Matthew's Great Idea: The Store

Dinnertime conversation with my son, Matthew (9):

M: I'm going to open a store in my room!
C: Your room? That kind of limits your potential customers.
M: YOU guys can buy stuff! Grommy and Granddaddy and you and Mommy.
C: What kind of stuff are you selling? We already bought the Yankee Candles and ButterBraid Bread from your school fundraisers and Popcorn for your Cub Scouts.
M: I'm selling my own stuff.
C: The toys and stuff WE bought you? We already paid for it once already, why would we pay YOU to have it back?
M: Well, there's some cute stuffed animals that Mommy would like, maybe you could buy it for her? *pause, stare*
C: You mean that you're going to charge your mother money to have a stuffed animal that she probably bought you herself?
M: She'd like some of them.
C: No. You're not even going to tell your mother this. You want to sell something? You can start a lemonade stand, or God forbid, do some CHORES, help out around the house and we'll pay you an allowance.

He didn't like that idea. But he persisted. At bedtime, he set this little flag (the one we bought him at Medieval Times) in a bucket outside his door and reminded me that his shop was open.

Greed? Sloth? Not honoring thy Father and Mother? I'm not sure which Commandment and/or Deadly Sin to lecture him on first.

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