October 13, 2011

US Pissed-OFFice

Trying to keep my composure, but I am wanting to tear the Post Office a few new orifices today.

Last week, a friend Priority Mailed a piece of equipment back to me. It never arrived. There wasn't tracking or insurance on it. But I know it was an honest mistake, and I forgive him. I found my peace with it, because so many good things have happened for Mel this year, and we have received so much kindness from people, that a mistake and being short a piece of electronics really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Then I got a message from Kelly, a co-worker of mine from the Florida branch. Melissa and I had planned on being in DisneyWorld this week, but we had to cancel it because her parents were no longer able to accompany us, and neither was our friend Shawn. (I can take care of Mel OR Matthew, but not both.) But we had purchased non-refundable tickets for the after-hours "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party" event. So I asked my friend Kelly if she would like them, since she and her husband have two elementary school-age kids and they live only an hour away from the park. She agreed and I mailed them out last Friday.

Today I get a message from her.
Kelly: "Um, what night are those tickets for?"
Me: "Tonight. Didn't it have the dates on the letter the tickets were attached to?"
Kelly: "... The letter hasn't arrived."

*Headdesk* Headdesk*Headdesk*

I didn't track or insure the letter. It was just a couple of plastic cards and it was going First Class to Florida. No reason to believe it would have any troubles. How could it? Millions of pieces of mail find their way to me every year with no problem. Medical Bills and credit card offers mostly, but also a good amount of junk mail and a seasonal Victoria's Secret catalog that thinks it's going to "Christie Kern" (I've unsubscribed three times). But when I need something to reach me, or for the one letter I've sent in 6 months to reach it's destination, the post office has somehow failed me twice in two weeks. Costing me a few hundred dollars between them.

So now I'm putting that Zen Peace I found earlier to the test. If it really didn't matter in the grand scheme for one letter, the same should hold true for two. And I should be able to forgive myself as easily as I forgave my friend, since both were simple mistakes. Right?

I'll let you know how it goes.
My friend is still beating himself up about the item being lost, and sent me an email. I reiterated that I was pissed at the Post Office, and not at him. I am really at peace with this overall. And here's why:

I just got a letter yesterday saying that I had $1100 left in my Medical Flexible Spending Account, and my Insurance said it was empty long ago. So I was able to put a nice sized payment on a hospital bill. Free Money! (Well, I paid into it, so it was my money to begin with, but still, FOUND Money!) Little lifts like that happen to us every few months, either great, thoughtful gestures from friends, or some favorable karmic random happenstances, and that's what keeps us going.

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