July 11, 2011

Dinner Conversation with Matthew (Age 9)

Matthew (Out of nowhere): Dad, is Cancer what makes people's hair fall out?
Me: It's the cancer TREATMENT that does that. Doctors use small doses of Radiation to kill the cancer cells, and losing your hair is one of the side effects.
Matthew: (Pause) can cancer sometimes be good?
Me: Nnnnnno. Cancer is not good, it can make you very sick and even kill you.
Matthew: But what if... do people get fleas too?
Me: Um, yes, they can get fleas.
Matthew: Then it would be GOOD to have cancer, because if you had fleas, you would know where they were, without all your hair in the way.
Me: Sure, I hadn't though of that. But while there are a few good points to not having HAIR, Cancer is always a bad thing.
Matthew: Like not having to wash it?
Me: Or comb it. Like my friend Justin, that we saw today?
Matthew: Was he the one with all the PROBLEMS?
Me: What?
Matthew: You know, when we were playing that zombie game today, he kept having problems getting the zombies. Not like me, I got most of mine.
Me: Ah, that sort of problems. Sure, I think we all had our share of those kind of problems. The dead were walking, it WAS the apocalypse, after all...

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