January 12, 2011

Running on Ice - Atlanta Highway Edition

Welcome to HothLanta

...A sudden climate shift in the south has shut down the city, making us ripe for invasion by imperial troops. The rebels defending the city's power generator are being routed by AT-AT walkers...

Yeah. 6 inches of snow in a city with probably THREE salt/plow trucks total. Temps continue to stay below freezing and streets are just sheets of ice. I have a doctor's appointment to get to this afternoon, and I'm worried. Our driveway is a 45-degree incline, but is fairly clear, but our street slopes down and we're right in the middle. Even if the main roads are clear, I'm still worried about small patches of black ice. Some of the highways look like the "GAME OVER" screen from a particularly bad TETRIS player.

And when downtown atlanta looks like this:

... I'm still worried. Melissa only has a few days of her pain meds left, and I need to see the doc in person to get a hard copy of the prescription. Night-Nurses haven't been able to come in all week, probably won't be able to until Sunday night, and it's worn me down, along with the weather. I took a sick day yesterday because I felt totally horrible. took two three hour naps, aided by Tylenol Cold - Nighttime Formula, and feeling marginally better today.

Wish me luck, offer prayers to Saint Christopher (no relation) for my safe return.

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