September 06, 2010

Who is This?

After getting back from DragonCon this afternoon, our son greets us, pointing out his newly-lost tooth. ("I got two bucks for it!")

Then, while I'm unpacking, he comes back in wearing a black fake mustache.
"I command that this house be sold!"  he declared in a fake-important voice.

I squinted at him, "Okay, whoever you are, why?"

"I am Barack Obama. and I do not have a house. So I will take this one."

I told him sorry, that we needed the house to live in. "And besides, you have the White House in Washington D.C. to stay in."

He wasn't prepared for this, so he dashed out of the room. He returned, walking casually, 30 seconds later without the mustache. "MAN, who was THAT guy?!?"

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