August 23, 2010

Conversations with Matthew - Disappointment

After dinner on Friday, Matthew (8) got suddenly serious.

M: Daddy, did you ever, um, want something really REALLY a lot? And it didn't happen?
C: Sure, many times. When I was growing up, about your age, I wanted to be an astronaut more than ANYTHING in the world. But I found out that most of the people that go into space are scientists, and I just couldn't do the high-level math that those people could do.
M: Math?
C: Really HARD math called Calculus, and hard science called PHYSICS. It's what they use to calculate stuff about stars and planets. It's really hard, and I couldn't pass the math classes. So I couldn't be an astronaut.
M: (sigh) Oh.
C: But that's okay. When I couldn't pass these math classes, I found out I was really good at Computers and I learned how to program them! And that's what I do in my job now, and THAT makes me happy. So even when you can't get everything you want, sometimes that can help you find something different that can make you just as happy.

I was feeling pretty good about dispensing the fatherly advice. Showing him that even Daddy was human, and it's all right to fail, because sometimes failure can help you find out something you didn't know about yourself.

C: So what didn't happen for you?
M: Oh... Well you know in LEGO Indiana Jones 2? Well, I really wanted to find a lego guy with a shovel, because there are things I need to dig up. But (SIGH, pout) I just can't find one ANYWHERE.

*Parental Facepalm*