July 06, 2010

When it's OK to Cry

This weekend, I almost lost it and cried, twice.


'Nuff Said. If you didn't well up at least twice during this movie then you never loved a toy in your life, you heartless guttersnipe. Now I only wish that I knew the whereabouts of my Star Wars figures and a certain stuffed weasel that I named "Schnookie".(PS: Not This one.) I never thought another cartoon would be able to plumb the emotional depths that Jessie's Song from Toy Story 2 did for me, but I was wrong. This script was amazing and the direction was spot-on.

(2) After Matthew fell asleep last night, I snuck in to turn off the Lava Lamp that he uses as a night light, but accidentally knocked over a tub of legos *crash*. He half-woke up, not really conscious, looked at me and lifted up his arms, inviting me in for a hug. I smiled and gave him one and he settled back down, and was asleep again before I left the room. I don't know whether he was saying he forgave me, or if he just wanted a hug, but I'm just glad that at some level, he still wants to be close to us like that.

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