November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Even though the weather was drizzly and cold, we made the best of things tonight. I got to carve a pumpkin for me, Matthew and Melissa. I'm especially proud of Melissa's Piggy. We found a pumpkin whose stem faced sideways and I thought it would be PERFECT for a snout-hole. And I didn't plan this, but I was about to cut parts out of the top for the ears, then I realized that the cut-outs for the eyes were the perfect shape for pig ears! I just trimmed them down a bit and added two slots on top to put them in. Score!
Mel's Pumkin Piggy

Also, my Mario Mushroom turned out pretty good, and Matthew loved his Poke-Ball. I'm getting better at this!
Kern Pumpkins 2009

Matthew dressed as Stitch again, he insisted. Even though he originally wore the costume in Pre-School, 3 years ago! And talk about "Fiver's Flamingoes"... She ordered these plastic Skele-Flamingoes for our front lawn... All kinds of awesome
Skele-Flamingo Pair

Halloween is also Shawn's birthday. And after seeing the awesome Godzilla Birthday Cake Brenda made for Matthew's 7th Birthday this year, he decided HE wanted one. Even though he's 40-something. So Brenda made the cake and I got the toys. I gotta admit it's pretty cool. And I love the Macro shots I got of it:
1 Godzilla Birthday Cake  Godzilla Birthday Cake

I took Matthew out trick-or-treating in the drizzly, cold weather with his friend Seth and he could barely carry back his treat bag! Quite a haul this year. While I was out, Mel and Shawn watched Ghostbusters on the Blu-Ray. For a Blu-Ray, there were some parts of it that were REALLY grainy, like they transferred from a Betamax tape or something, then other parts were clear. Maybe we don't have it hooked up properly, or maybe it's a bad transfer to Blu-Ray.

In any case, fun was had, Candy is all over, and lots of kids LOVED my pumpkins. It's nice to have your work validated. :)

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