November 12, 2007

Comic Strip - Fall Conversation

I took Matthew out for a walk yesterday morning. The northerner in me loves when the weather spikes suddenly cold in November. It reminds me of August in Chicago.
"Daddy! Look at all the Acorns!"

"Yes, kiddo, all over the place. And all the pretty leaves too."

"They're all on the ground."

"Of course. This season...this time of year is called 'Fall'. Because the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground, and the acorns fall too. This is daddy and mommy's favorite time of year."

I look over and see his underwear poking up, so I adjust his jeans.

"Jeez, why do your pants keep coming down?"

Matthew blinked and looked up. "Because it's fall?"

This is just one of those moments in parenthood that you want immortalized somehow. The triumph of Kindergarten logic. If anyone can draw or knows someone who can, I seriously want to commission this as a 4-panel comic. Will pay money. Comment to contact.