October 01, 2007

My Social in the Wild

The house should have been on the market 3 weeks ago, but we still have work to do on it. Not like it's the Money Pit house or anything, it's just been slow going coordinating the landscapers' schedule, setting up the contractor to re-do the bathroom floors and painting & cleaning it up. It sucks giving up all my weekends and seeing so little progress. But Melissa's folks have been helping out loads, her mom even paints while I work during the day from the remote desk there.

It SHOULD be ready for the Realtor to take pictures by the end of this week.

Then we get more good news. Apparently a laptop was stolen from a contractor doing work for our company. Of course, he/she was doing work for the HR Department with files having ALL the pertinent info on me and 2000 of my fellow employees. So I'll have to keep the credit bureaus on alert for any fraudulent stuff coming through. Greeeeeeat.

My company's response: A letter and 1 year of free Credit Bureau Fraud monitoring. You'd think a company that's mainly a Title Insurance provider could do better for its own.

My Suck Runneth Over

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