October 04, 2007

A Halo3 Review I can understand

I'm a gamer. Specifically, I'm a PS2 and recent Wii Gamer. I'll play some stuff on my PC, but I have to play OLD games, because I flat-out refuse to spend $300 on a new video card every 6 months. (I just finished Doom3 this summer, if that gives you any indication. I also enjoy "Transport Tycoon" from 1991.)

I never had an XBOX, nor a 360 and have never really wanted one, save for a few hard months when they announced that any new "Oddworld" games would only come out on XBOX. So I never got into this whole HALO phenomenon. Apparently people bowed own and worshiped this game much in the same way Macintosh users obsessed over MARATHON in the 90's: It was the only decent shooter to come out on the platform at all.

SO after enduring a year of hype from blogs and G4 TV's live events for the release of Halo 3, I am relieved to finally find a reviewer that is as skeptical of the actual game experience as I am. And that person is "Yahtzee Croshaw", my favorite De-Hyping "is it REALLY a good game?" reviewer who posts video reviews weekly at The Escapist called "Zero Punctuation" Check out his other reviews if you like this style as much as I do.

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