August 29, 2007

It's Dragon*Con Time

Melissa and I are off to Dragon*Con this weekend for a little vacation from reality. And the Dragon*Con LiveJournal springs to life about two months out, and the closer we get to the Con, the less and less you see of your friends' posts, in the sea of room requests, party announcements, Calls for models in the annual "Men In Kilts & A Girl with a Leafblower" calendar... and UNIQUE posts like this one:
"DragonCon Culinaria"
danceswthcobras wrote:
Folks who feel like drooling can click here for my con packing list:

I like to process my own meat, and I'm picky about buying organic small farm raised critters, so I fill my freezer with some amazingly good stuff. A good chunk of it is coming with me to con for provisions and possibly to share. I dry rubbed a six pound sirloin in sea salt and spices and slow roasted it just now, and the aroma in my house is incredible. I may do another roast-to-go tomorrow so there will be enough to share with the deserving.

I'll swap a big steak every day (well, a steak sized slice of incredibly yummy slow roasted beef) for a couple of cubic feet of storage in any hotel room on site and access to it maybe two or three times a day for a few minutes to change costumes and dump dealer room swag. Plus additional consideration to be negotiated, if desired. My hotel room (way off site) has a fridge and a freezer and I'm bringing a chest of dry ice for further cold storage insurance.

I don't bother eating steak in restaurants any more, even the nice ones, since it's pretty sad stuff compared to what I have at home. A few chefs do go to the lengths of buying organic small farm "microbrewed" beef, but you'll be paying $40 a plate and up for the experience. Or you can buy the whole cow like I do. :)

Or just say hi at the con and I may be persuaded to share. :)

In short: "Will sell personally prepared steaks, in exchange for on-site hotel storage space." It's THAT kind of convention, where crap like that happens all around you.

And I can't wait for it.

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