August 20, 2007

Farewell, Casa De Kern

It has begun. Melisa and I have moved the bulk of our belongings out of our house, Thanks to some heavy-lifting help from Craig and Ron. We are now living with Mel's parents about 20 minutes down the road, and Matthew is attending school in the new place. Over the next few weeks, we'll be cleaning out the rest of our belongings and cleaning up the house, prepping it for sale. The bathrooms need new linoleum, the walls need paint, the carpets need steam cleaning, the outside needs pressure washing, and some serious landscaping needs to be completed before we can put this house on the market.

The plan is to sell the old house, stay here for the schoolyear and save up some money for a new down payment, and find a new place in Gwinnett or nearby.

I know this might come as a bit of a shock. But 30 year-olds do NOT take the idea of moving back in with Mom & Dad lightly. It's a major lifestyle shift for all parties involved. Not only will the bulk of our possessions remain in U-Haul boxes, but now we have 5 people living under one roof. Sharing one kitchen. Sharing one laundy room. Everybodies skivvies appearing folded in visible laundry baskets. And lack of Private Nookie Time for both couples.

But there are also positives: I pitch in to do a portion of a flat lawn, instead of doing 100% of one that is mostly a 45-degree incline. We have an experienced chef that can help us eat decent food for a while, instead of falling back on take-out food as much as we have for the past few months. We can put Matthew to bed and leave for a late movie every now and again, without a lot of hassle. Both parties will be spending less on food & utilities, since we'll be sharing the expenses.

We're hoping to catch a break selling the house, because our luck has not been so great lately:
(1) A/C, Transmission sensors broken in Mel's car, emitting loud noise
(2) Lightning strike from last month eventually killed the A/C unit outside the house, so Cats had to be moved from 96-degree house to basement of new place before it was ready.
(3) A/C unit in MY car is faltering, nearly stranded Melissa and her mom on Jimmy Carter Blvd one friday.
(4) Matthew is re-testing every boundary in the new house, seeing if he'll still get punished here like he did in the old place. (Or, "Raptors testing the fences" as I call it.)

The good news is that Matthew's apparently doing well in Kindergarten, and not giving the teacher the amount of difficulty he's giving us. Good to know. Here's his account of his first day of school:

Update: We did get some good news the other day. The neighbor across the street runs a landscaping business, and I asked him to give us an estimate on tidying up the old house's yard. He came back with a price 1/2 of what some other guys wanted to charge us. He even knows a guy that does heavy-duty pressure-washing that might be able to get the oil spot off the driveway (from My car's LAST big repair). I was very grateful to him.

Update#2: There will definitely be some adjustments made to living here. Brenda just opened the door on me when I was using the bathroom. Luckily, I was hunkered down, not standing up, so she didn't see anything. I'll have to learn to lock the door.

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  1. Good luck to you guys. I know how that goes. Having a lot of people under one roof trying their best to share the same space....Its like a bad episode of the real world "family edition". I grew up with 7 brothers and sisters all living under the same roof at one point. You will just have to get use to some things.....IE:People walking in on you in the WC. All the best.