July 20, 2007

Of Noses and Grindstones

We thought that this would be a quiet summer, with little going on.

We thought wrong.

We've been swamped with work and housework and swimming lessons for Matthew and everything else under the sun. The main task is cleaning and fixing up our house, which, although it is only 9 years old and in good shape, is no simple task. Mainly it's not simple because I am a complete dolt when it comes to tools.

Luckily, Melissa's parents are skilled. Ron can build (or destroy) anything in a house or on a car, and Brenda can paint, decorate and cook anything you can think of. My in-laws are effectively Tim Allen and Martha Stewart. As I said, I am useless with tools, but I always want to help. Mostly I end up hovering over Ron, squinting at whatever he's doing, and keeping an assortment of tools ready for him.

With this big push for home improvement, however, I was determined to do most of it myself. So I've replaced four lighting fixtures in the house with only brief consultation as to the wiring (See earlier post about Ron's electrician skills), and installed new blinds in the Den and Matthew's room. It feels pretty good to have done all of it myself. And I now have new respect for people who work with their arms above their head all day. (Construction workers, Boom operators, chapel ceiling painters, etc.)

UPDATE:Forgot to mention that even my Geek skills were proven this week. Melissa reported a smell of burning rubber coming from the computer desk, and I traced it to the computer's power supply. Dusting and cleaning the fans didn't fix it, and we started to get the Blue Screen of Death, so I knew we had a failure on our hands. One quick trip to Fry's Electronics later, I had a very nice ANTEC PS (one of the top brands) that was on sale, and had it installed in under an hour. *GRINNNNNN* I *CAN* fix things after all!

In other news, Tonight is the release of the final Harry Potter book. I know the general public still largely considers this a children's book, but they have NOT read the past few novels, which feature heavy on dark subjects and political intrigue. Melissa and I will be joining some friends tonight and helping out the Borders at Perimeter Mall in their pre-release festivities. I asked my manager if I could clock out an hour early for this, and her response was:
Absolutely! Have a wonderful time.

I’m so excited – went online and changed my shipping address to my grandmother’s house since that’s where we will be this weekend :-) I’m having a hard time staying away from the spoilers online.
And I just received some bad news about my friend Justin this morning. Just pray for him.

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