July 06, 2007

LinkNews Digest [07/06/2007]

Cash-Strapped Police Sell Ad Space on Cars

The Toledo, Ohio police department needs to replace about 100 of its 140-car fleet at a time when money's tight. When budget deficits are forecast, getting funds can be a challenge, and that's what led the Toldeo department to offer cruiser sponsorships. In exchange for $15,000, the cars will have a 3 by 1 foot ad placed on the rear quarter panels. Four businesses have signed on so far, which means that two cars have been paid for.

Toledo PD Chief Mike Navarre has received more negative feedback than good comments, but the bottom line is that it's going to offset the considerable annual cost of replacing all those cars. The influx of cash means the fleet gets replenished sooner while still leaving money for the many other things a police department needs. Innovative thinking in tough times is a consistent theme in America, and Toledo's not the first department to put ads on their cars. The Fire Department is keeping an eye on how the sponsorships unfold, and could roll out its own effort. (LINK )
Remind anyone else of the current Reno 911! storyline about the force being sponsored by "Hotties Hot Wings"?

5 Year-old Pins Rabid Fox to Protect Family

KINGSTOWN, N.C. - A 5-year-old boy grabbed a rabid fox by the neck and pinned it to the ground during a family cookout, protecting six other children before his stepfather could kill the animal.

"I wanted to protect my little brother," said Rayshun McDowell, who battled the fox in the front yard of his home Sunday in Kingstown, a town about 50 miles west of Charlotte.

The fox bit Rayshun in the leg, but the 61-pound-boy held the animal down for more than a minute. Animal control officials said Tuesday that test results confirmed the fox had rabies, which is fatal unless treated before symptoms appear. Rayshun is undergoing treatment.

"I looked out the window and Rayshun had the fox by the neck and was pushing it into the ground," said his mother, Shinda Linder. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing."

Rayshun's stepfather, Ryan Thompson, pulled the boy off the animal and kicked it. A neighbor fired a handgun three times but the fox continued to advance.

Thompson, wearing a cast because of a broken leg, said he used a stick and his crutch to beat the fox to death. Rayshun, meanwhile, asked only for a Band-Aid and didn't complain of any pain.(LINK )

Possibly Best Job Ever?

Illegal city brothels will proliferate in Melbourne's city centre, according to the owners of legal brothels, unless the State Government cracks down on their operators.

The warning came after the Melbourne City Council last night decided against resuming its former policy of paying private investigators to have sex in illegal brothels, to gather evidence of a breach of planning rules.

Instead, Lord Mayor John So will join with the Municipal Association of Victoria to put pressure on the State Government's Consumer Affairs Department to do more about illegal brothels. Planners say illegal brothels in the city centre are growing.

Under the 1994 Prostitution Control Act, which legalised prostitution in Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria is charged with enforcement action against illegal operators. But critics say the department never takes action against illegal brothels.

Municipal Association of Victoria president Dick Gross wrote to Premier Steve Bracks earlier this year complaining that the department had never taken "successful enforcement action against an illegal brothel".

Cr Gross said last night he was pleased the Lord Mayor was taking up the issue. But the Australian Adult Entertainment Industry, the group representing legal brothels and escort agencies, dismissed the Lord Mayor's response as "half-baked".(LINK )
Also, why would a man CHOOSE to go by the name "Dick Gross"? Come on.

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