July 06, 2007

Crappy Luck Strikes Back

We had a fun discovery this past weekend. While a much-needed rainstorm hit the Atlanta Metro area on Friday, Mel, Matthew, Shawn and I were hitting the new Steak & Shake at the Mall of Georgia. (Mmmmmm, Strawberry) Save for a drenching on the way home, all appeared to be well, until we tried to check our email later in the evening. After some troubleshooting on my work PC, I found the DSL modem wasn't connecting, so I figured lightning must have struck some telephone lines down the road.

We expected the service to be restored in the morning, but no dice. So I picked up the phone to call BellSou- I mean AT+T, and found no dialtone. Same story in my office: No dialtone on that one either. We figured we must have had a lightning strike at the house, wouldn't be the first time. The phone in the kitchen worked oddly enough, but I figured it was better-made than the others.

Nope. Ends up that the phones in my office and the bedroom were protected through surge protectors that heroically gave their lives to defend our computers from the lightning. The phones still worked, and we now have them plugged through brand new surge protectors. I even bought one for the entertainment center, since we ALSO lost our pre-cambrian DVD player to the storm. I thought it was on a surge protector already, but reading the fine print it was for some insanely low amount of protection, which was blown through instantly.

Then I noticed something outside: One of the fenceposts near the house was splintered, and the 12" long splinters were a few feet away. Right behind it, our air conditioner was making a sickly rattling noise all the sudden. And later, in the backyard, I noticed a line of exposed wood running down the trunk of one of our biggest trees. Looks like we had a lightning strike (or two) IN OUR YARD.

Lightning Post I Think Lightning Hit The Tree Lightning Damage

Ron says that the tree will die in a few weeks, since a lightning strike usually VAPORIZES the sap in the tree, killing it. Great, another chunk of yardwork to add to the load this summer. Fun Fun.

I said it wasn't the first time we've had a lightning strike. It happened back in '99 or 2000 when we were in our apartment, and it blew our TV and VCR. The TV was--honest to god---out of warranty THAT VERY DAY. Luckily Circuit City cut us a break and fixed it. And in a similar bit of niceness this time, Shawn gave us an old DVD player that he wasn't using for a loaner, which was... uncharacteristically NICE of someone who claims to be so evil. ;)

I just hope we don't have to replace our air conditioner, we'd have to make a claim against our homeowner's insurance to pay for that, and State Farm has been dropping people like flies for actually...oh I don't know...asking them to hold up their end of the insurance bargain and pay BACK some of the money we've been giving them for years.

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