July 26, 2007

A Case for Just 49 States

While some good has come out of Texas (My friends Jim, Joni and Troy, ZZ Top, the Fajita) the state is in desperate need of some good press. Besides providing us with our self-serving, sharp-as-a-bowling-ball President, they just churned out this little gem:

Texas Appoints Creationist Head of Board of Edjoocation

From Bad Astronomy:
Texas Freedom Network president Kathy Miller noted that in 2003, Dr. McLeroy was one of four board members who voted against proposed high school biology textbooks because he felt their coverage of evolution was "too dogmatic" and did not include possible flaws in Charles Darwin’s theory of how life on Earth evolved from lower forms.

Here is a letter McLeroy sent out to his fellow State Board of Education members:
My Personal Confession:

Given all the time in the world, I don’t think I could make a spider out of a rock. However, most of the books we are considering adopting, claim that Nothing made a spider out of a rock.

I don’t think I share a common ancestor with a tree. However, most of the books we are considering adopting, claim as a fact that we all share a common ancestor with a tree.

Brilliant! This guy doesn’t understand the most basic principles of biology, and he’s going to chair the State Board of Education. And hey, if he doesn’t understand something, why should it be taught at all?

Here is Don McLeroy’s own website, from the Favorite Quotations section:
The belief seems to be spreading that intellectuals are no wiser as mentors, or worthier as exemplars, than the witch doctors or priests of old. I share that scepticism.

Think that one through for a moment, folks. The new head of the Texas State Board of Education is an anti-intellectual. Note: he didn’t say this himself, he is quoting someone else; but it’s clearly a quotation he agrees with.(LINK )

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