June 15, 2007

LinkNews Digest [06/15/2007]

Racy Ad Viewed from London Flight Path

(AP) A giant silhouette of a naked pole dancer painted on a field beneath Gatwick Airport's flight path is disturbing the British countryside.

The 9,300 square metre advertisement is nearly invisible from the ground, but can be seen by airline passengers, Tandridge District Council spokeswoman Giuseppina Valenza said today. She said the ad was painted on the field without proper permission and that the council would take legal action if it was not removed.

Sports Media Gaming Ltd, the company behind the ad, said the council had no grounds for removing it. "I think they're unsure about their own regulations to be honest," director Stephen Pearson said. "We're not going to remove it at all."

The Campaign to Protect Rural England expressed disgust with the latest ad. "It sets such a nasty precedent, using our landscapes just for advertisement," said Paul Miner, a planning campaigner.(LINK )

Kid Proves Fountain Water Filthier Than Toilet

(AP) Middle School student Kyleray Katherman had a hunch something was amiss with the school's drinking fountain water. And right he was.

For an English assignment, he tested the bacteria content at four water fountains and one toilet to challenge a ban on students from bringing bottled water to class. It seems some were using it to sneak in alcohol.

Guess which was cleaner? It wasn't the water fountains.

Katherman, 13, used Q-tips and petri dishes, swabbing the spigots of four fountains and sampling one toilet, dunking the cotton in the bowl's center and then dragging it around the rim for a complete sample.

The petri dishes with fountain water were swarming with bacteria. The sample from the toilet was clean, probably because the toilets are doused with cleansing chemicals daily. He took his results to the North Bend School Board with an eye-opening PowerPoint presentation.

Administrators quickly replaced the spigots and casing at three of the water fountains and custodians gave them all a thorough cleaning. More teachers are providing water in classrooms now, but the ban on water bottles remains.(LINK)

Artists Turn Scrambler Ride into Spirograph

"Good-Time Mix Machine: Scrambler Drawings" I connected a gas generator and air compressor to buckets of paint and secured them into the seats of a Scrambler amusement park ride. Once the ride was in motion, paint sprayed out of the benches onto vinyl tarps placed underneath. The result is a series of enormous hypocycloid designs which recorded the hidden patterns created by the ride as it turned. Two videos were created in conjuction with the drawings. This work was funded by Grand Arts, Kansas City, MO, with assistance from Tony Wight/ Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery, Chicago, IL; ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA; and Todd Simon

"Adam" For Creation Museum is Pr0n Star

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The man picked by the Creation Museum to play Adam leads quite a different life outside the Garden of Eden.

Records show that Eric Linden owns a pornographic web site called "Bedroom Acrobat." He's been pictured there in a T-shirt brandishing the site's sexually suggestive logo.

The 27-year-old appears as Adam in 1 of 55 videos featured on visitor tours at the Petersburg, Kentucky museum. The museum -- which opened last month -- tells the Bible's version of how Earth was created.

Museum officials today stopped airing the 40-second video after learning from The Associated Press of Linden's online appearances.(LINK )

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