May 24, 2007

Penny Arcade Dodge

I'm a big fan of the online comic Penny Arcade, since it's all about gaming, SciFi Fandom and geeks. A few weeks back, I found a link to a cool Desktop wallpaper they made of one of their storylines, "Armadeaddon", where they repulse a wave of zombies at the local mall.

I downloaded it onto my work PC and I love it. Matthew came in today and asked what it said at the bottom. I told him.

"And what's that with the red things?" he asked.
"That's... a robot." I answered. I didn't tell him the robot was a juicing machine gone haywire named "Fruit FuXXOR." (See his part in the saga Here and Here.)

"And what's the red stuff on him?"
Blood. From the Zombies they all just slaughtered.
"It's ... Juice. Yeah, you see, he's a JUICING Robot. And he just... got a little carried away. So everyone has red... fruit juice... splattered on them."
Matthew smiled, said "Yeah, He's a silly robot!" and went off, satisfied.

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