May 03, 2007

Dear "Authentic" Pub Owner

Dear Derek Lawford, Owner of the Angel "Authentic British Pub":

Indeed, according to my brief travels, you have a fairly faithful recreation of British pubs and that is no easy task. My British-born friend feels fairly at home in a couple of them. Your breaks from the "Authentic" are forgivable: You have thoughtfully left out the betting parlor side of the place, the haze of cheap cigarette smoke is thankfully missing, you don't charge the UK Standard 17.5% tax and you don't make the friendly wait staff speak in fake-cockney accents. Cheers for that.

However, I must confess that having "Tuesday Night Music Trivia" blaring out on the patio at decibel levels usually reserved for GWAR concerts kind of ruined the whole thing for me. Having crap songs by Matchbox 20 (the DJ's oh-so-clever question in a set of bands with numbers in their name), playing over us and drowning out the conversation that I'm having with my friend over a pint of Newcastle Brown was quite annoying and made me reconsider coming there ever again. I understand a bar's need to have theme nights for their regular customers, but people usually sit on the patio to ESCAPE the busy inside and enjoy the weather and some conversation, not to have the noise brought out to meet them.

Do the math: Expensive, carefully designed British Pub ambiance + Hokey DJ with crap trivia songs and too much amplifier = Worse than a cheap AMERICAN bar where this is expected.


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