April 10, 2007

Film Grad Claims "Grindhouse" Stolen

Never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, some film-school students did an homage to Grindhouse films a few years back (called "Grindhouse"), and sent Quentin Tarantino a copy of it after he declined a viewing of the film. Now the grads are whining because Quentin made his own Grindhouse homage movie, also called "Grindhouse" and calling it theft.

Whiny Film School Guy, Meet me at camera 3:

You are a fan of a genre known as "Grindhouse Cinema", and made an homage film and gave it the no-brainer title OF THE GENRE ITSELF. Quentin ALSO loved Grindhouse cinema, as seen from countless influences in his filmography, as did Rodriguez. The Q-Man's "Movie Night" parties at his place with Rodriguez, Eli Roth and other gore sympaticos are infamous, and his movie room is plastered with vintage era Grindhouse double-feature posters.

How is it a stretch to think that Quentin would eventually make a full-on homage to that era? None at all. If Quentin suddenly shifted gears entirely and made a dramatic period romance flick called "The Amorous Blue-Green Turtles of Tortuga in Spring" and you sent him a film with that exact title, THEN it would be time to call the lawyers. But to call him a thief for making a tribute movie for something that you and he and millions of people loved? Not so much.

The script was not stolen. your film has nothing in common with the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse, except the title. And you can't claim to OWN a title so general... as the actual name of the GENRE. That's like calling a B-Movie homage "B-Movie" and being surprised and indignant when another director has the same "idea" from watching the same general type of movies.

I saw Grindhouse this weekend. I called it no coincidence when it was released the birthday weekend for me AND my horror-movie-lovin' buddy Justin. It was absolutely fantastic, and showed absolute love for the kind of movies that influenced these guys. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Oh, your student film went up for internet sale the day the Tarantino/Rodriguez film opened? What a coincidence, since your film came out in 2003! So suck up all the cross-promotional hype while you can, and why don't you go make another film? Might I suggest a tribute to mid-80's slasher flicks called "Slasher"?

(But if you do, I'll have to sue you for stealing my idea.)

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