April 03, 2007

The Electrician

Melissa's parents, Ron & Brenda, have been helping us do some landscaping on the house over the past few weeks.

Me: Ron, I remembered this morning why I kept those exterior lights off the timer for the past 2 years.
Ron: I was wondering about that. They looked nice on the house the other night.
Me: No argument there. It's just that they don't ever turn OFF. The installed timer in the attic is missing the little plastic clip that's supposed to turn the thing off in the morning.
Ron: Ah.
Me: So that little 3-cent clip was costing us $20 a month in electric bills for keeping them on 24-7.
Ron: Where is that timer located?
Me: Far end of the attic, over my office. It's a little hard to get to, you have to climb over the roof support beams.
Ron: I should move that thing closer to the attic entrance.
Me: *pause* That won't really FIX the problem.
Ron: Yeah, it won't, but it would make it easier to get to.
Me: And YOU can do this?
Ron: Of course I can. I used to be an electrician, you know.
Me: All I know is that you're the one who refused to shut off the breakers while you installed the new light switches in this place. You got shocked and thrown back into the wall twice.
Ron: I was NOT thrown back. Yeah, it popped me a couple of times, but I wasn't thrown clear or anything.
Me: Still not inspiring confidence, Ron.

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