February 02, 2007

The Threat of Cartoons

Every so often, something in the news makes it utterly apparent that America, as a nation, is doomed to fall in the near future. Yesterday, that thing was the city of Boston freaking out and bringing the city to a standstill over somefreaking LED pictures of an "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" character. People saw that "the devices were suspicious" and had "ominous-looking wires" and "visible batteries". It was actually a guerilla ad campaign for the "Aqua Teen" movie, just some LED signs of a "Mooninite" character put up on some bridges by a couple of local artists.

The entire city of Boston grinds to a halt over a goddamned LITE BRITE. How can we seriously say that we're ready for a terrorist attack, if we can't even handle ADVERTISING?

Britain just foiled another terrorist kidnapping plot that was an actual threat to society. What can we claim? We shut down a major city to keep citizens safe from cartoon ads. That and the 15 or so hobos we arrested in Florida last year that had no weapons, no plan, and no means of doing anything but saying they hated the country. Maybe there's an upside to this Monarchy thing after all.

The two artists, paid a meager $300 to put up the signs, have now been arrested and forced to pay $2500 bail to await their hearing on charges of placing a hoax device that results in panic and disorderly conduct." Wait a minute, THEY are getting some trumped-up charges of disorderly conduct and fined thousands of dollars when the CITY was the one who blocked up the streets, brought its own commerce to a standstill, and called in hundreds of special forces and bomb squad units to "disarm" the signs? These guys are guilty of nothing more than simple Vandalism, placing art (albeit commercial) on public property without permission. What the city did about is is their own damned fault.

The cry has gone up: "FREE THE MOONINITE TWO!"

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