February 16, 2007

LinkNews Digest [02/16/2007]

"Mountains of Trash" in Car Cause Crash

Police in West Yarmouth said there was so much trash in 53-year-old Ann Ann Biglan's Ford Focus that some of it fell onto the gas and brake pedals, causing her to lose control.

While losing control, Biglan drove through a post office parking space, over the curb and across a freeway. She then hit a Ford Explorer and backed over another sidewalk before finally crashing into a flowerpot in a gas station's parking lot.

Biglan was charged with negligent and impeded operation of a motor vehicle, failure to use care in backing, and operating with a rejected safety inspection sticker.(LINK )

Substituste Teacher Snorts Cocaine in Class

In an incident that perhaps gives a new meaning to the phrase 'supply teacher', a 59-year-old substitute teacher has been arrested on suspicion of repeatedly taking cocaine in front of the class she was teaching.

The arrest came after two girls - one nine, the other ten - reported that Joan Donatelli had been dipping a pen cap into a small plastic bag filled with white powder, then putting the pen lid to her nose.

Police subsequently found traces of white powder in the classroom. When they confronted Donatelli at her home, she handed over a small green bag of powder and two pen caps – both of which tested positive for the drug - and admitting to using cocaine in front of the children.

The school confirmed that Donatelli used to teach at the school full time, but is now retired, although she acts as a substitute. During her time as a full-time teacher at the school, as recently as 2004, she would have been one of the teachers involved in the school's drug education curriculum.(LINK )

New Weapon Against Terrorism: Flipper

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- Dozens of dolphins and sea lions trained to detect and apprehend waterborne attackers could be sent to patrol a military base in Washington state, the Navy said Monday. In a notice published in this week's Federal Register, the Navy said it needs to bolster security at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, on the Puget Sound close to Seattle.

"These animals have the capabilities for what needs to be done for this particular mission," said Tom LaPuzza, a spokesman for the Marine Mammal Program. LaPuzza said that because of their astonishing sonar abilities, dolphins are excellent at patrolling for swimmers and divers. When a Navy dolphin detects a person in the water, it drops a beacon. This tells a human interception team where to find the suspicious swimmer.

Dolphins also are trained to detect underwater mines; they were sent to do this in the Iraqi harbor of Umm Qasr in 2003. The last time the animals were used operationally in San Diego was in 1996, when they patrolled the bay during the Republican National Convention.

Sea lions can carry in their mouths special cuffs attached to long ropes. If the animal finds a rogue swimmer, it can clamp the cuff around the person's leg. The individual can then be reeled in for questioning.(LINK )

"Radar Love": Conversation by Song Sharing

Searching for nearby Zunes... None found.
Searching for nearby Zunes... None found.
Searching for nearby Zunes... "Lola" found.

Sending "Hello" by Lionel Richie

Receiving "Hi There" by Killdozer

Sending "Do You Come Here Often?" by The Tornados Ridin' the Wind

Receiving "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys

Sending "Welcome To The Jungle" by Guns 'N' Roses
Sending "What Brings You Here?" by Sandra Knight

Receiving "Dateless Losers" by Reel Big Fish(LINK )

Chinese Paint Mountain Green

Putting the MENTAL in Environmental:
Laoshou mountain, near Fumin in Yunnan province, was left an eyesore by quarrying. But instead, of re-foresting the mountainside, foresty officials hired seven workers for 45 days to spraypaint it green.

Nearby villagers have been driven from their homes by the strong smell of paint, reports City Times. They claim the workers told them the work was being done to improve the view from a newly-built government building.

Local businessman Huang said: "At first I was glad to see the green mountain, thinking the government was paying more attention to the environment. "But then I noticed the great contrast with the surrounding mountains." Another villager complained: "We thought the workers were here to spray pesticides before planting saplings. But it turned out to be green paint."(LINK )

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