February 20, 2007

George Bush is NOT George Washington

Yesterday, our esteemed leader celebrated Presidents Day by comparing the war in Iraq with the American Revolution of 1776.
Standing before the Mount Vernon mansion and sharing the stage with an actor dressed as Gen. George Washington, Bush said Washington's Revolutionary War leadership inspired generations of Americans "to stand for freedom in their own time."

"Today, we're fighting a new war to defend our liberty and our people and our way of life. And as we work to advance the cause of freedom around the world, we remember that the father of our country believed that the freedoms we secured in our revolution were not meant for Americans alone," Bush said.

Just a few points of rebuttal on this:

First and foremost, let's look at this for what it really is: George Bush is declaring his baseless Crusade in Iraq to be as necessary and patriotic as America's fight for independence. And in doing so, he is comparing himself to "The Big G", George Washington. Washington was a military man who was in the thick of it with his troops, which included freezing his ass off and starving at Valley Forge. Bush was a fratboy who begged his daddy to get him assigned to planes that were going out of service. Bush Jr. probably logged more actual flight time in his publicity stunt landing on that aircraft carrier to declare "Mission Accomplished!"

And as for comparing them as leaders? Let's not even go there.

Second and more important is the fact that yes, the current war in Iraq IS like the American Revolution, just not how Bush wants to paint it. Back in 1776, WE were the ones hiding in the bushes and carrying out the terrorist attacks. Remember the glorious tales of American Patriots bombing arms shipments to the British, and dumping tea into the Boston Harbor? How is that different than bombing the USS Cole and attacking coalition supply lines, exactly? Nothing but the side that we were on.

In the Iraq War today, we have more in common with the British side during the American Revolution. Today, Americans are the ones marching up and down the streets while the rebels are sniping them from the woods. Today, Americans are pouring billions of dollars into the country to cheaply secure a sought-after export, only it's Oil today instead of Tea & textiles. And someday soon, we will withdraw from the country due to the outstanding cost of the war and due to public opposition at home, just as the British did.

We were right in sending troops to Afghanistan to root out Bin Laden, but Bush's greed, lies and incompetence led us into Iraq. Because we had to move major military operations out of Afghanistan to secure Bush's dream of "Big Oil's Discount Pipeline" in Iraq, Afghanistan has become destabilized. We took out the warlords that were in charge and then pulled out, leaving a power vacuum just waiting to be fought over and claimed by new warlords.

Quick quiz: What's an even bigger money-maker for buying weapons and financing terrorism than Oil? The answer is Opium, and Afghanistan's opium crops broke all records in 2006, reaching all-time high levels (*Washington Post). And it's better than Oil in the fact that it's renewable. Due to the demand spike, Opium production grew 26% just in the last year and now accounts for almost a third of Afghanistan's Gross Domestic Product, which is DOUBLE the amount it was before we invaded. This is all thanks to America's sloppy once-over in that country before heading out for the more PR-friendly "Operation Iraqi Freedom".

I'm no fan of mass-murdering dictators, few Americans are. But the only reason we should go into a country to depose a dictator is if you can provide the people with a better life. The Press reports show that we're winning because Iraq has elections and women can now wear pants in most places without being shot on sight. What they don't show is that we have yet to provide stable electricity, drinkable water and sustainable food supplies in the country. Add to this that all the jobs that the Iraqi people once held have been given to government contracting companies like Haliburton and Blackwater, so most of the people can't work to provide for their families anymore.

President Bush's comparison of the war in Iraq to the American Revolution is nothing short of blasphemous. The Revolution was about creating a nation and uniting people under a single government, in order to provide for all the American people. The Iraqi quagmire is the pillaging of another nation and sucking it dry. It's war profiteering gone mad, all made up to be a struggle for freedom against tyrrany, when we're only peddling another form of it.

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  1. Nice post Chris. Bush comparing himself to Washington smacks of the way Kim Jong Il loves to declare frequent holidays in his own honor.