February 12, 2007

5th Birthday Wrap-up

We asked Matthew what kind of decorations he wanted for his birthday, and gave him a whole "Birthday Express" catalog. What did he pick? John Deere Tractors.
Tractor Birthday

Melissa bought a $35 "Train Cake" pan from Willaims Sonoma. Add in Mom-in-Law Brenda's cake decorating skill and Voila!. Each kid got a "car". MMMmmmmmm.
Train Cake

After meeting up at McDonalds for lunch, the group caravan'd back to our house for cake & Presents. We would have had the whole party at McD's, but they provide a cake with Red & Yellow food dye in it, which makes Matthew flip out. True to our hypothesis: This year he had no meltdowns and no hitting, unlike past years where he had colored birthday cakes. He was much more calm this year, and seemed to enjoy himself more.
Matthew's 5th Birthday

He got some great gifts, like a "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron" game and we got him the "Tractor Tipper" from the movie "CARS". It was his favorite scene, and we believe the reason he wanted tractor decorations for his birthday in the first place.

After opening the presents, the kids made for Matthew's room, where they promptly emptied his toy chest and attempted to play with EVERYTHING for 10 seconds each.
Post-Party Crowd

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