December 20, 2006

UATW Update

Some of you know that I serve as the webmaster for a friend's Web Magazine called "Up Against The Wall". Well, this issue, add "Anime Reviewer" to my credits, because I posted my reviews of Anime series' "GHOST IN THE SHELL:Stand Alone Complex-2nd Gig" (Longest title for an anime EVAR) and "Tactics". I also had to provide a short "It's Not Just For Kids" intro. Being my first reviews since my crap-tacular stint reviewing music for the UGA Student Paper, I could use some feedback Comments. Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. I use the phrase "us Americans".

    Excellent reviews; I have no problem with either one, and the NetFlix idea is great advice.

    Just my personal preference, Tactics sounds a little more interesting to me; although I loved Blade Runner and liked most of The X-Files; except for Full Metal Alchemist, I have been turned off for some unknown reason to multi-episodic anime.

    Still, your Netflix suggestion sounds like the way to go for trying out all these different titles.

    Your Intro is excellent - grabs the reader, gives us great information, kept me interested in reading the entire article.

    Oh and as to the ridiculousness of the costumes many women wear in these shows? It used to make me quite angry. How are they supposed to fight crime or do whatever they are supposed to do in such skimpy outfits? Now I just laugh at them. You men are so easily entertained. :)

    Good work Chris!!