November 15, 2006

You Want My Blood?!?

Okay kids, it's VENT time.

I'm a good citizen, I donated blood to the Red Cross whenever they'd come to my office. But now that I'm telecommuting, it's a bit more difficult to get the bloodmobile out to my house in Flowery Branch. They called to sign me up for another donation, and I said sure. They gave me a 12:45 appointment at the Sugarloaf Parkway location.

So I take off from work with plenty of time to get there. But it ends up that the address does not exist. The directions they gave me lead me to 3090 Premiere Parkway, and the buildings go straight from 2900 to 3100 with nothing in between. And no sign, did I mention that? This is a DONOR center, that people should be able to easily get to, and it's somewhere magically BETWEEN these buildings, like some damned "Platform 9 3/4" ?!?

When I'm seven minutes late, I call them and ask for directions.
"Sorry, sir, there's no point now, the staff has a meeting at 1:00."
*Blink Blink* "What?"
"Yes, there's an all-hands Staff meeting at 1:00."
"And you gave me a 12:45 appointment?"
"Well, it would have been fine if you had been on-time, sir."
The time was 12:52.
[Don't kill them. They're volunteers. Just... don't kill them. Breathe.]
"In any case, Ma'am, could you tell me where this building is? I've spent the past 15 minutes driving up and down Premiere Parkway looking for your office."
"Sir, there's no point now, we can't take you because of the meeting."
"Then FOR FUTURE REFERENCE, perhaps?" (In case I ever again want to take off work to have my life-blood drained from my person, so I don't waste the trip?)
"Where are you now?"
"On Premiere Parkway."
"Okay, it's easiest to get back on Sugarloaf and get off one street up. We're just past a strip mall."
[Oh, the ONE strip mall on Sugarloaf Parkway... that narrows it down.]
"Ma'am, could you tell me which one?"
(Pause) "It's on the left, and it's a biiiiig long one."
"Thank you ma'am. I suppose that's all. Goodbye."

You want my blood, American Red Cross? Come get some.

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