November 20, 2006

Silence is Golden

Ahhhhh... The sound of nothing can be so sweet. One of my (and Melissa's) major complaints on my partial upgrade of the computer was noise from the CPU fan. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and it sounded like a landscaping crew was going to work with leafblowers in the room.

So I bought one of these replacement CPU Fans. First time I've had to buy one, but this chip heats up faster than "The Hedgehog" with a bottle of Motion Lotion. Of course, I had to get on the internet with Computer B to see just how to REMOVE the old heatsink/fan unit without ripping out the chip, but once I did that, it was fairly easy. A squirt of highly-toxic thermal transfer gel, a few snaps into place, and it was done.

And to put it through it's paces, I fired up OBLIVION on HIGH video settings. Scarecly a whisper, and the fan never got the need to go into high gear. Thank Allah that something went right with this PC! The fan was about $30, but being able to hear the music from the game over the fan noise is WORTH it.

It only took me an extra $100 and 4 weeks longer than I planned, But I think this computer is now successfully upgraded!

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