November 12, 2006

Love's Recovery

Melissa had her neck surgery on Tuesday, and she's recovering at her parents' house. The doctor says that there were FOUR bone spurs pinching her spinal cord, instead of just the two they saw earlier. Luckily, they were all removed and everything came out fine. She's laid up on painkillers and muscle relaxers for a few weeks. Four weeks in a hard neckbrace, then four weeks in a soft neckbrace. But as you see here, the "hard" brace isn't all that hard. It's plastic with soft foam covered in hypo-allergenic cotton.

To be Honest, Mel and I were fearing it would be something more like these:

Darth Vader Neck BraceCusack Neck Brace Sixteen Candles

To allow her proper time to heal without and someone who can care for her continuously, she's going to be staying at her parents' house for about 2-3 weeks, and I'll be working from OUR house and taking Matthew to & from Pre-K. It'll be lonely and a bit weird at night, but don't worry. The little guy and I will be coming down for dinner almost every night. Plus, Melissa and Shawn bought me Final Fantasy XII and OBLIVION, so I won't be hurting for something to do after I put the little guy to bed. And Melissa has a small suitcase full of Anime and Manga that she can plow through while she's stuck in that recliner.

While the operation was quick and all went well, one of the nasty side effects of this sort of operation has reared its ugly head. Some of the nerves have become enflamed from the surgery, and she's getting a lot of pain in her arm and shoulder. As in more pain than when she BROKE the arm earlier this year. But her neck? hardly feel a thing. Just cross your fingers for her speedy recovery and maybe by Christmas she can be 100%.

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