November 06, 2006

Final Fantasy XII - Update

As I mentioned, Melissa suprised me by picking up Final Fantasy XII for the PS2 to keep me busy while she's recovering. I like the game but there are two things that SERIOUSLY piss me off about the game:

(1) It's frustrating enough that you HAVE to buy the $20 guides to games like this, because getting the big weapons takes a long stream of nonsensical actions that you'd never figure out by yourself. (Ride a Chocobo through the Gakleran Mountains counter-clockwise 19 times, Fly to the other side of the world and buy a potion from the 2nd merchant on the left, go to another city and talk to the merchant with your StarterSword Equipped and He will give you the key to that locked room in Dungeon #24...)

This time, it's even more frustrating because in order to get the Ultimate Weapon, you have to NOT OPEN about 20 chests that are scattered through about 40 hours of gameplay. The most basic of game elements has been taken away from our control. So you have to pretty much consult the guide before you wipe your own nose now. And if you accidentally open one, you have to go back and play the whole freaking game over. LAME!

(2) There's a particular glitch with this game: Two buttons won't work on certain controllers. ("Two buttons being the MAP and Inventory buttons and "certain controllers" being the OFFICIAL SONY BRAND one that I have.) I could understand if certain Chinese knock-off brands had some sort of issue, but honestly. What kind of Quality Control/Testing department doesn't test the game with the CONSOLE BRAND accessories? Makes me think this was an intentional thing to clean out the stock of PS2 controllers before the PS3 comes out next month and makes them all obsolete. I bought a BestBuy "House Brand" controller for $10 and it works now.

And now that I can play it, the game is pretty cool, besides these points.

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