October 13, 2006

The Upgrade Ceremony

In the great magic that is COMPUTER UPGRADING, as in alchemy, there is a law of Equivalent Exchange. Any future enjoyment or productivity that you may receive must be offset by the immediate stress and despair of component incompatibility (It likes THIS piece of ram, but the other one makes it crash), Hard Drive/Windows reformatting and tech support calls. It also demands one drop of blood from you, usually from scraping your finger against a pin connector while trying to connect your Hard drive.

I have a slightly upgraded computer now, something that can handle Video Editing as well as my web stuff. And I'm hoping that new 3D card can handle some pretty heavy games too. In the meantime though, it's only 30% operational, and I still have to reinstall most of my applications. we all know how much fun THAT is.

Wish me luck with this and speedy recovery from whatever alien embryo has nested in my throat.

1 comment:

  1. I wish you luck, buddy. With me, it's usually more than just a single drop of blood.

    I also realized that I neglected to call you back last week. I'm sorry about that, I really am. I don't mean to be a jerk like that. Life is a little overwhelming at the moment and I'm forgetting all kinds of stuff that I ought to remember.

    I'm going to write myself a note.