September 11, 2006

Zoo with the Kerns

Saturday we finally got our ourselves out of the house and to Zoo Atlanta. At the member's gate, a friendly 20-something guy checked or passes and asks Matthew

Guy: What's the TALLEST animal we have here at the Zoo?
Matthew: 'Raff.
Guy: Right,a giraffe! So when you see him, wish him a happy birthday.
Mel: Really?
Guy: Yeah, he's 21 today. And this week the Lion turns 16 and it's the mama Panda's birthday too.
Me: You better watch out, the Lion can DRIVE now.
Guy: Yep. And now the giraffe can drink!
My Wife, the Pun Queen: Well, It's about time he had a Longneck.

(Bwah Bwah Bwah Bwaaaahhhhh)

Embarrasing Moment #2: After seeing the Lemur exhibit, Matthew starts singing the "I Like to Move it Move it!" song the Lemur King does in "Madagascar". It gets stuck in his head and he keeps singing it. No problem until we're walking behind a lady going to see the Pandas, and Matthew, not paying attention, starts singing "Move it! Move it!"

Wow. Amazing how quickly the explanations fly out of your mouth when confronted.

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