August 23, 2006

O'Reilly Overstates the Case AGAIN.

Bill O'Reilly, You have intelligent arguments half of the time, and even bring up points that make me think about my own beliefs and leanings. Then, the rest of the time you spout this overstated Right-wing extremist bullshit.

In response to the Federal Judge's ruling against the NSA and the Bush Administration for their Warantless Wiretapping of the entire country, Bill asks "Does she WANT dead people in the street here in America?" He goes on to say that she's opposing this, not on the legal basis of right to privacy or seizure without a warrant, but as a personal vendetta on the Bush administration. "And the unintended consequence of that.. is Death."

There are other countries where opposing the Government means death as well. China, Cuba, Most of South America. Let's hope that our system of government keeps us juuuuust a bit better off of than a dictatorship.

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