August 12, 2006

The NTSB: Good Idea, Bad Implementation

America does one thing right: Spring into immediate action. Unfortunately, this "Don't think, BLINK" response often doesn't consider it's implications.

Case and point: This week, Britain foiled a terrorist plot to kill hundreds on airplanes with liquid chemicals. Evidence is unclear if it was a liquid explosive or chemical poison agent. Some expoerts point to Hydroggen Cyanide, a tool that was nearly used in the New York Subways:
Ron Suskind's book revealed the terrorist breakthrough in a device called a "mubtakkar" that can be easily concealed in a carry-on bag and once detonated, kills everyone in a confined space within minutes. It's a variant of the Zyklon B innovated by the Nazis.
So either poison gas or chemical components for a bomb. How is our government protecting us from this threat in the United States? By forcing people to dump ANY AND ALL LIQUIDS into open containers in the Airports. Essentially doing the risky work of COMBINING said chemicals together in a public area with hundreds of people packed into a small area. So if there actually WAS a similar terrorst plan in America, it would be carried out by our own bumbilng TSA Agents, and the terrorist might be far away before the chemicals started their reaction and escape capture.

Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and safe, doesn't it?

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  1. Lets not forget that the government and NTSB was fully aware of this liquid threat for a long time, but didnt decide to do anything about it until someone actually attempted it and the public became aware of the threat.