July 25, 2006


I'm headed to Little Rock for our annual meeting. Flight out is 8AM, so to get here in time, we had to leave at 5:45 AM from Lawrenceville. I got here in just enough time to see the DELAYED sign on my flight, and a new Departure time of 9:36 AM.

So Here I am at 10:05. They announced that our plane is "undergoing maintenance", and we see from the window here, that said maintenance is REPLACING THE DUCT TAPE on the Cockpit Windows. We've been watching him do this for 40 minutes.

This does not inspire confidence. And we are debating whether this man has even been certified as a Duct Tape Installation Engineer. Come on Delta, money can't be THAT tight.

And Mel, the Will is still in the Safe Deposit box, right?

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