July 23, 2006

My Suck Runneth Over...

With the exception of getting together for 5 hours and Game with Jay and Shawn on Saturday, this was the worst weekend for me in the past 6 months.

At work, I have a program that I've been coding on for the past month. I finally got all the bugs out and it runs beautifully. All ready to roll out on Monday, right? Wrong. For some inexplicable reason it doesn't work when I upload it to the server where it will run. And this HAS to be in place on Monday, 8AM. So I work all of Saturday Morning, and come up with three other ways that it can do the same thing. All three work on my laptop, but not on the server.

Break for some relief gaming at Jay's that we've been trying to get together since November. Justin doesn't show up, but then I find out that he WANTED to come, but I accidentally turned my phone off and didn't get his message. On the way back from Jay's, Shawn and I look for a place to grab dinner, but everything along 20 is blacked out from the storm, except Mall Of Georgia, which has 50 people waiting outside each restaurant. We ended up eating at Cracker Barrel at 8:15 PM.

This morning, Matthew had enough bad behavior to necessitate two time-outs in the car. Two incidents at church (including loud noises during mass) and one at Waffle House. After lunch, I'm right back at work. I try another 2 methods and neither of them work in the end. It's 11:30 at night, and I'm doing a last-ditch brute-force method that will take care of the problem for now and buy me another week to finish it. Fingers crossed.

And Mel's been having her headaches almost non-stop since Friday. They need to get this diagnosis DONE and do something about it soon.

Add to this equation the following issues of the costly variety:
- My 8 year old car is bleeding oil like Mr. Pink
- We have a dead tree standing in the backyard, and three dead trees on the ground
- My lawnmower just snapped a drive cable this afternoon, halfway through the lawn.

The only positive notes were Gaming on Saturday and Friday night, when Shawn and I had a Movie Night and watched that cheesy old TV serial "Dark Shadows" (at my request). Otherwise, Suckage abounds.

And I look forward to this week, when I'll be flying to Little Rock, Arkansas for the annual departmental meeting. I like the people I work with, but I'll most likely get grilled about the program still not working.

I'll just type it out on the ol' Speak N Spell: "PRAY FOR MOJO"


  1. We have a chainsaw - and we could help cut the trees that are already down - Not much help for the standing one, though.

    And I'll pray for MOJO.

  2. I think you mean mr Orange?

    Heheh, things will look up Chris. Worry not.