May 19, 2006

LinkNews Digest [05/19/2006]

GA Governor Parties With Teen Grads

ATLANTA - Midway through a love ballad directed at their prom dates, the sea of high school students suddenly parted to allow Georgia's top politician to give the karaoke song his best shot.

Wearing a trendy visor and a neon green glow stick around his neck, Gov. Sonny Perdue joined the group in belting "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'."

Five busloads of Brookwood High School seniors unloaded on Perdue's front lawn in Atlanta early Sunday for four hours of partying, eating and face time with the governor after their prom.

The grounds of the governor's swank north Atlanta mansion became the temporary home of inflatable obstacle courses where students jousted one another on spongy islands and strapped themselves to bungee cords in a doomed race against elasticity.

Inside the mansion, Waffle House set up shop in the ballroom, dishing out dinner for the first two hours of the party and breakfast during the last two. A wall of video games attracted a legion of students and Don Balfour, the school district's senator, who jostled a Ms. Pacman joystick en route to a high score.

The event's mission, Perdue said, was to encourage responsible behavior for teens and reward the suburban Atlanta high school for its creative efforts to tackle underage drinking.

Planning a high school party at the governor's mansion also brought a host of unique challenges, namely making sure that young couples didn't slip out of the party to seek alone time in the mansion's 18-acre grounds(LINK )

An End To Plumbers' Crack?

It took three years to develop a pair of pants which move with the wearer`s skin, according to manufacturer Jockey.

Some 6,000 male bodies were scanned and measured to help create the "stay put" shape and prevent unsightly behinds creeping above the belt.

Called 3D Innovations, the pants are made in two halves and cut on the bias. The cotton and spandex fabric is cut across the grain and the two halves are twisted and joined with a seam. This helps the pants mimic the way the skin stretches, according to Jockey.

A spokeswoman for the company said: "The builder`s bum, an unsightly glimpse of a behind that no one ever needs see, is officially going to be a thing of the past." The 3D Innovations go on sale tomorrow costing around £10 per pair. (LINK )
Now, if they can just fix the bigger issue of plus-sized women wearing visible thongs...

Tip #45: Don't Put Out a Cigarette in Paint Thinner

DENVER, N.C. - A man taking a break from painting burned down his house after trying to snuff out a cigarette in a bowl of paint thinner.

Stevie Spencer had put the bowl on his coffee table before taking a smoke break about 10 p.m. Saturday. "I forgot paint thinner was in the bowl," Spencer said. "I thought it was water."

The fire from the paint thinner ignited some papers, Spencer said. He got his wife out of the house, then tried to extinguish the flames with a hose. Spencer suffered minor injuries.

Fire Chief Jay Flynn said the house was too far gone to save it when firefighters arrived. (LINK )

Reservoir Dogs: The Game?

Most guys worth their salt have seen Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs at least once or twice (or every night for a month straight in high school for me). Considered a film dear in the hearts of film fanatics everywhere, the great mystery of Reservoir Dogs: The Game is precisely how Eidos/Volatile Games will translate an hour-and-forty-minute movie of mostly dialogue into a third-person action shooter/driving game.

The game itself has one strike against it, and it's one that will likely cast a dark pall over the final experience: out of all of the characters in the film, only Mr. Blonde has the likeness of the actor who played him. Having said that, the rest of the concept isn't too terrible. The game, in the vein of other movie revisionist games like Enter the Matrix (which, for all of its mediocrity, was probably the first blockbuster title to do this in recent memory), allows players to partake in missions that color in the events that are only talked about in the film. That means that players find out exactly why Mr. Blue never made it back to the warehouse. They'll discover exactly where and how Mr. Pink stashed the heist diamonds. They'll drive around and evade cops. And no, it wasn't confirmed whether or not there will be an ear-slicing mini-game.(LINK )

Piano Found Atop Britain's Tallest Mountain

Volunteers clearing litter at the top of Ben Nevis have found a piano. They are now trying to find out who carried the heavy instrument up Britain's highest peak. The only clue is a biscuit wrapper found under the piano. It had a best before date of December 1986.

Fifteen volunteers from conservation charity the John Muir Trust spotted it as they cleared rubbish from the summit. The cast iron frame and strings were still intact but the keyboard was missing reports The Sun.

Volunteer organiser Sandy Maxwell, of Glasgow, said: "We have a constant battle against stuff left on the slopes but this elevates being a litter lout sky-high."

The piano was broken up and carried down the mountain in bits by 30 volunteers (LINK )

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