May 03, 2006

Egg, Meet My Face

In my much-neglected LiveJournal, I posted a link about people getting Tattoos of Web Comics, like this:

I commented Thusly:
You know, I like web comics like Toothpaste For Dinner and Diesel Sweeties, but I'm not sure about getting permanent ink done for something that isn't permanent enough to be printed tangibly on paper...

Then THE GUY WHO DRAWS "Toothpaste For Dinner" *RESPONDS*:
Permanent enough to be printed tangibly on paper... hmm... like... maybe... my book that came out last year and sold 22,000 copies in Q4 2005? :)

PWNED By a cartoonist.

WTF is it with me posting something about someone's work and them FINDING THAT ONE POST and replying to it that night? First Peter S. Beagle now this!

Good thing I don't talk smack about them. The writers and cartoonists are getting more web savvy these days, I guess. Maybe I should use this power for the good of mankind. Not sure how, though. Any ideas?

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