April 18, 2006

Stormy Weather

I surprised my wife with a kitten last week, under the guise of a joint Birthday dinner with Justin and Stacey. (Mel surprised me with the last two cats, so I figured it was my turn to surprise her with one.) The dinner went great, and I LOVE the Robot Chicken : Season One that Justin got me. We were all cracking up for about two hours straight.

Now to the cat. "Stormy" was described as a SHE to Justin and I. We had our doubts, which were confirmed when we got her to the vet. She was a rescue cat, and needed shots and some treatments for fleas, allergic conjunctivitis and ear mites. We've still got to get him fixed next month, and since he's a boy, he's at odds with the resident male, Oscar. Presently, it's sleep schedule is off, so it snoozes all afternoon and gets up around 2:30 AM to run around the house at top speed and chew every crinkly bit of plastic in the house. And with all transplant cats, there's a little learning curve concerning the Litter Box.

But the usual problems aside, this is really a good cat. He's very tolerant of Matthew, and Matthew is amazed that he doesn't hide under the bed all day like Oscar. "Baby Kitty LIKES me!!" he exclaimed. Stormy is unusually calm and lap-oriented when not in the "Night Crazies" phase. I worked a few days fron the kitchen table while Mel went to Physical Therapy last week, and didn't realize that Stormy was sleeping right under my chair. I almost rolled over him!

The night we got him, we were discussing his name, and if we should change it. That night, we had a near-tornado shake our house at 4:30 AM that sent us all scrambling for the safe room. Luckily, we came out unscathed. Mel and I agreed that it was a sign that "STORMY" was quite an appropriate name. He is registered as "Stormy Weather Kern" at the vet's office. We should have him broken in and mass-friendly in a few weeks.

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