April 23, 2006

Midnight Cowboy - WTF?

Netflix has been helping me catch up on the AFI's list of the 100 "Best Movies of All Time." Thanks to that, I've been able to find some of these gems like "The Third Man" and "Seven Samurai".

Midnight CowboyUnfortunately, It also led Melissa and I to watch "Midnight Cowboy". Wow. Until now, all the bad movies from 1969 I've seen were so bad they were GOOD. Until now. I will never understand how this movie comes higly recommended by anyone. (Perhaps "HIGHLY" is the key to that.) Even more unbelievable, this pointless piece of crap even snagged the Best F-ing Picture award! I guess... what, ALL movies from that year were bad, and this was their KING?

(I stand correcred, after some research, "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" also came out that year, so it wasn't a total loss. How the HELL did that not win over this?)

All the buzz was there... it's a movie about a street hustler... it was rated "X" oooooh... it has a trippy drug-induced party sequence... And even with all that going for it, this movie fails miserably to elicit any emotion from the auduience but utter confusion. What was the freaking POINT??? John Voight (looking like Rick Schroder does today) and the greasiest Dustin Hoffman I've ever seen are starving to death in New York because he has too much pride in his (unsuccessful) job as a male prostitute to fall back on his career in dishwashing? He saw the sign in the window... "Dishwasher Wanted"... he could have afforded a hot meal, a non-condemned apartment perhaps, even some medicine for Rizzo. But NO! He has to stay the course, believe in himself and his noble use of the gift that God gave him. Even if it means people have to die.

There's just a point where he should have taken stock. "Let's see, in the past few months I've had three 'clients'. The first one COST me $20, the second one stiffed me and the third one got me $20. So... I just about break even. Yes sir, I certainly am cut out for this line of work."

Half of this movie is nothing but shots of someone riding a bus, or walking down a street, or taking a subway with NO dialogue whatsoever. And we're talking half of a 2-hour movie here, so the question really becomes "How the hell did they decide which scenes were just too boring or too pointless to take OUT of this movie? If any?" I wouldn't want to be that editor. Like taking out the dull parts out of a fishing show.

Do yourself a favor. If you want to be utterly depressed and angry at characters who wouldn't do simple things to save their own damned life, do yourself a favor and watch Grave of the Fireflies instead.

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