April 28, 2006

LinkNews Digest [04/28/2006]

Star Blazers Live-Action Movie?

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The classic Japanese anime "Star Blazers" is being developed as a live-action Hollywood feature.

Known for its epic imagery and themes of brave sacrifice and respect for heroes lost in the line of duty, "Star Blazers" is the U.S. name for 1970s Japanese anime TV series "Space Battleship Yamato." It comprised three television series, five animated features and a host of merchandise. "Star Blazers" aired Stateside in the early 1980s. A live-action adaptation was set up at Walt Disney Studios in the 1990s.

A search for a writer to pen the adaptation is under way. The project is being produced by production/management concern Benderspink in partnership with producer Josh C. Kline, the longtime rights holder of "Star Blazers." (LINK )

You Think YOU'VE Had A Crappy Day (pt. 2)

HUNTINGTON, N.Y. - A 71-year-old man who went outside in the rain to pick up the Sunday newspaper plunged into a cesspool in his front yard, and his son and neighbor were sucked in when they tried to help.

The victims escaped, two with the help of firefighters, covered in raw sewage but not badly hurt. Andrew Palladino said the soggy ground, soaked by two days of rain, gave way outside his Long Island home: "I walked across the lawn, and all of a sudden I disappeared."

He yelled to his wife for help, and she threw a rope and called their son, Dan, who lives with them. The son said the scene "was like a horror picture." (LINK )

FOX News Anchor Becomes Bush's Press Secretary

WASHINGTON - Conservative pundit Tony Snow will be named White House press secretary, Republican officials said Tuesday night, in the latest move in
President Bush's effort to remake his troubled White House.

Snow is expected to be named on Wednesday. He will replace Scott McClellan, who is stepping down in a White House personnel shuffle intended to re-energize Bush's presidency, bring in new faces and lift the president's record-low approval ratings. McClellan had served as Bush's chief spokesman -- the most prominent public figure in the White House after Bush -- for nearly three years.

Snow, a Fox News commentator and speech-writer in the White House under Bush's father, has written and spoken frequently about the current president, and not always in a complimentary way. While Snow is an experienced Washington hand, he is an outsider when it comes to Bush's tight core of advisers. (LINK )

Citizen Hacks NASA, Military Looking for UFOs

LONDON (Reuters) - To the United States, he is a seriously dangerous man who put the nation's security at risk by committing "the biggest military computer hack of all time".

But Briton Gary McKinnon says he is just an ordinary computer nerd who wanted to find out whether aliens and UFOs exist. During his two-year quest, McKinnon broke into computers at the Pentagon, NASA and the Johnson Space Center as well as systems used by the U.S. army, navy and air force.

"My main thing was wanting to find out about UFOs and suppressed technology," he said insisting his intention was not to cause damage. "I wanted to ... find out stuff the government wouldn't tell you about."

He said it was easy, despite being only a rank amateur. Using the hacking name "Solo", he discovered that many U.S. top-security systems were using an insecure Microsoft Windows program and had no password protection at all. (LINK )

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