April 07, 2006

32 Skidoo

I turned 32 the other day. I didn't feel the icy, gaze of the reaper on my back, visually taking measurements for a coffin. No, like most guys I feel indifferent to the whole thing. I told Melissa "You know what I'd really like? I want your mother to make her fetuccini primavera for dinner. A nice dinner with you, Matthew and your folks. I don't need a huge party."

To this, my 4 year-old chimed in with "But *I* do!!"

Melissa put a little perspective on things a few days ago though. Our parents were EARLY in their twenties when they had us, and we had Matthew when we were almost 30. When he graduates college, we'll be almost retirement age. Well, since there probably won't be Social Security anymore by then, I doubt I'll retire at all. (There's a solution to the Immigrant problem: Deport all the illegals and replace them with the 65+ who won't be able to retire anymore.)

Strangely enough, I'm not really worried about the age gap between us. I think that Matthew and I will have a lot of good common ground. For example, We both like playing video games. Even the same ones. We're playing "Kingdom Hearts" together now; I defeat the bosses and he does everything else.

Also, he likes some really good music. He couldn't get enough of Melissa's J-Pop Anime soundtracks. And last night in the car, he asked for "His Song." I was driving Melissa's car for a change, so I didn't know what "His Song" was, or even what CD was in the player. "Which is your song?" I ask. "Number 2" he says.

I cue it up and "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand comes blaring over the speakers. A grin spreads across his face and he starts banging his head to the beat. I swelled with pride and thought "Yes sir, That's MY son!"

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