March 17, 2006

Summer of '69

Had a little epiphany today, while listening to my Friday MP3 80's mix. Perhaps you've already thought of this.

Bryan Adams was only 9 years old in the "Summer of '69". But the character in the song had a job at the drive-in, drove a car and was in a band, so we assume that he's at least 16. So it can't be about Mr. Adams' sentimental recollections of the Summer of Love. And then the last lines of the song (not usually transcribed on lyric sheets) draw back the curtain:
"Me and my baby in a 69"
Personally, I don't think they're talking about driving in a 1969 car either, so... food for thought.

1 comment:

  1. GAK! I never really LISTENED to the end of the song or did the math.

    Zoikes, indeed!