March 16, 2006

The Many Lives of Wade Finch

It's Wade (CaptnJackSparrow)'s birthday today. I don't have a gift, so I thought I'd do a "This is your Life" for him. But... not really knowing much about his past, I decided to look up his name on Google. Here's Wade's Life...

"I've been a Puppet, A Poet, a Pirate..."

First, a Pirate... Duh...
A Guitarist in a Prog-Rock Band (Okay, still him)
An Automotive Technology Instructor
A Guitar Customizer
An All-American Wrestling Champ ('81, 140 lb. class)
A Log Home Dealer in New Mexico. Maybe he can get us a deal on a "Big Ass Cabin"!
A Cross-Country runner for Greensboro College
A Concerned Citizen from Koondoola, Australia

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