February 19, 2006

T-Shirt Shop

Some of you may know of my difficulties with CafePress, and their rather draconian policies of "infringing" merchandise. (Actually, it's perfectly LEGAL to have a t-shirt with a picture of people in hobbit costumes. The Tolkien Estate can sit and spin if they want a royalty check from that. It's called "fair use," Look it up.)

In my quest to find merchandising alternatives, I lucked out. I moved the merchandise site for ArmsOfMiddleEarth.com there and even opened up a shop for myself.

I've always wanted my own T-Shirt shop with snarky sayings on them. You'll see my featured shirts on the sidebar. You can purchase my shirts secure in the knowledge that 100% of the profits go to the "Keep Chris & Mel Out of Debtors Prison" fund. Some people do Avon or Pampered Chef to keep money in the bank, and I just thought this was more fun.

So hop on over and check out my wares: SiriusGraphics Brand Quality Swag

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